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Photography By: Chana Lewis –



  1. Your events look highly impressive. i wish you lots of luck with it all.
    Who is the person who takes the pictures? they are incredible. they really capture the atmosphere amaazingly. it all looks beautiful and looks like people really are enjoying themselves. Kol Hakovod!!!

  2. This program looks really good. It’s about time we had something in CH for these girls. However, why wait until they are out of high school. Chinuch starts before, doesn’t it? A similar program is desparately needed for girls still in high school. There are many high school girls who have stayed in CH this summer, working in day camps or doing nothing at all, and they have absolutely nothing to do or no programs in Yiddishkeit after camp hours or on weekends. I really feel something to strengthen these girls and bring them together is desparately needed!

  3. Just wanted to say thanks. These events are aboslutely unbeleivable.
    Everything is always set up so nicely and welcoming.
    I look forward to the weekly emails notifying me of the events.
    A huge thank you to the Rubashkins for opening their home. We all appreciate it.

  4. I think what you’re doing is amazing.

  5. I have just recently heard of it and I think its amazing please email me when you have something going on

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