Posted by: chnightlife | December 25, 2009

NIGHTLIFE on Hei Teves!


At Nightlife Hei Teves Takes On New Meaning…

~ This Monday Evening, Hei Teves ~

8:15 – 9:45pm

Interactive Hei Teves Farbrengen: Victory 101
Mrs. Mashi Lipskar will venture into the often evaded matters of life’s battlefield, inner struggle and the path to courage and reconciliation. How the
journey of a personal Didan Notzach reaches deep into the complexities
of existence and far beyond its promise to overcome.

Mashi Lipskar is an internationally respected public speaker, educator and counselor. Through her warmth and genuine understanding all who seek her guidance draw much strength and wisdom. She and her husband are the Rebbe’s first Shluchim to South Africa where they have been for almost 36 years.
**This week Nightlife will be graciously hosted by the Hackner family**
1461 President street, btwn Kingston & Albany Aves.
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