Posted by: chnightlife | August 27, 2008

Laugh Away!

This Thursday, August 28, is the last Nightlife event of summer 2008. Nightlife will, G-d willing, resume after the holidays.
Look out for new exciting programming and special events in November! Suggestions and comments always welcome!

Wishing a K’siva V’Chasima Tova to all!

This Thursday, August 28th

Cost $5

Comedy Night!*
with Esther Rachel Russell

Join in this evening’s Comedy Improv fun!!
You haven’t laughed as hard as you will
with Esther Rachel in a long time!

Esther Rachel RussellEsther Rachel Russell, MA, is a screenwriter, performer, producer, laughter therapist and the creator of the Comedy Improvisation Workshop: To Break Through Barriers. Most recently, she performed in the popular off-Broadway comedy, A Match Made in Manhattan – The Interactive Jewish Weddings Experience where she played the role of Rivky Lowenstein, as well as starring in The Permeable Man, a film by Leibel Cohen. Her improv comedy career began at the famous Groundlings Theater in Los Angeles where she wrote and performed in numerous comedy sketches. Esther Rachel is the writer/producer of the internationally acclaimed one-man show Gathering the Sparks starring her husband, actor and comedian Reuven Russell and has recently written and directed the cutting-edge documentary Shame, Shanda & Silence. Currently, Esther Rachel is an adjunct professor of screenwriting at Stern College in New York City. In her previous incarnation, she worked on various television sets in Hollywood as a producer of Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous, Benson and Wheel of Fortune.  She received her Master’s degree in Theater at NYU.

*All new performance! Not a repeat of the winter comedy improv.

**Special surprise additions to the dinner menu! (Dairy)

NIGHTLIFE Bonfire & BBQ August 2008



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