Posted by: chnightlife | August 20, 2008

Grab it before it’s Gone!

This Thursday, August 21st
Cost $5

Concert Night!
Featuring Esther Chana (Neistein) Freeman

Followed by an awesome jamming session*

Join this evening for a most uniquely

inspiring musical experience!

Esther ChanaEsther Chana is an accomplished performer who brings incredible energy, a beautiful voice, powerful stage presence, creative song-writing and true toichen to the stage.  Born and raised in Miami, Esther displayed musical ability at a young age. It was while in seminary in Israel that her dream of inspiring women and girls through her music took shape. She began composing music and writing her own lyrics, accompanying herself on guitar and piano. Since then, Esther has electrified audiences across the globe, in Amsterdam, London, Sweden, and throughout the United States.  Esther’s music ranges from slow soulful ballads to high-energy songs made for dancing. What unites all of her songs are the meaningful lyrics that reflect her desire to share the beauty of Chassidus and Yiddishkeit with the world.
“I personally had never been at any of Esther’s shows and was just blown away by her talent and professionalism. Her songs are just so beautiful too. She’s a real natural on stage and I can’t wait to hear her album one day soon.”

– Chanale Fellig

*Bring your instruments!

This Sunday, August 24th

Cost $5Yoga


Go With

The Flow

Flow Yoga Class*

with Chaya Batsheva Shapiro

Chaya Batsheva is a strong believer in utilizing talent and expanding one’s knowledge for the purpose of enriching people’s lives. As a preschool teacher she integrates movement into her teaching methods. She has taught dance in a number of girl’s schools, is a popular dance choreographer for high school productions, and also a certified WSI instructor.

Chaya Batsheva is currently certifying in Hatha Yoga, flow based. Flow style Yoga focuses on mindful breath and proper alignment as we gently transition from pose to pose.  Attentiveness to the flow of breath relaxes the body allowing for more flexibility and balance while engaging the muscles in a challenging workout. Yoga creates a space that clears the mind from daily life distractions, enhances posture, opens energy centers in the body and will give you the gift of well-being!

*Wear attire fit for exercise and yoga mat

This Monday, August 25th

Cost: $5Bonfire



An evening that will forever be reminisced

Bonfire, Barbecue, Live Music!

Sing & dance the night away… Where all the fun’s going to happen!!

Taking place at:

The Reich Residence,
1301 President St,
Btwn Bklyn & NY Aves

Kumsitz with Rachel Ravitz!
Rachel Ravitz
is a singer and a spiritual storyteller in the Jewish mystical tradition. Audiences of all ages and backgrounds have delighted in her heartwarming and inspired approach to music and Jewish tales of wisdom. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband.

*Please arrive on time!


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