Posted by: chnightlife | August 6, 2008

Tap Into Time

This Thursday, August 7th

Cost: $5 Paint


Make a splash!

Inspired Painting Workshop

with Elanit, creative artist

What to expect from this event:

Message from Elanit – This is going to be loads of fun! Expect to think outside of the box and paint. I’m a conceptual artist who became frum through my philosophies on how art is made – these thoughts were quite similar to Tanya thoughts. We’ll discuss Moshiach. We’ll discuss life. We’ll discuss art. This is what art is.  All of everything. Not just being able to draw a face. If you already paint, please come to this workshop. And if you don’t know that you can, then you MUST come! 🙂

Elanit KayneElanit
received her BFA from TISCH School of the Arts, New York University. Her work has been covered nationally and internationally with full features on CNN, FOX5 News and CNRTL4 Dutch Television; coverage by NK Nextent Japanese Television and NY1; full feature articles by the Agence France-Presse, TIME OUT NY, The NY Post, The Brooklyn Papers and Italian Glamour Magazine.  Elanit’s work has also been covered by numerous radio broadcasts.
Currently, Elanit is project manager at Taharas HaMishpocha Int’l for refurbishing their web site –
Elanit and her husband Adam have taken up a post as assistant shluchim to The Chabad Loft under Chabad of Washington Square NY, NY.

* Please arrive on time!

This Motzai Shabbos, August 9th

Tisha B’AvTealight


Eicha by Candlelight

Followed by Film Viewing:
The Children of Chabannes

Children of ChabannesA magical World War II tale of resilience and love, THE CHILDREN OF CHABANNES reveals the untold story of how the people of Chabannes – a tiny village in unoccupied France – chose action over indifference to save the lives of 400 Jewish refugee children.

Returning to the lush, rural township with her father and uncle (two of the saved children) filmmaker Lisa Gossels and co-director Dean Wetherell spiritedly recreate the joys and fears of daily life in Chabannes long ago. Through warm and wonderful accounts from both the children and the townspeople who risked their lives and livelihoods to protect them, this lyrical film depicts how this oasis of hope was shattered in 1942, when the war reached the doorsteps of the chateau where these kids were housed.

The Emmy® Award-winning film THE CHILDREN OF CHABANNES has been praised as “splendid, informative and emotionally involving” (Los Angeles Times) and called “a seamless memoir of courage and a tribute to the human spirit.” (New York Daily News).
A celebration of human kindness, THE CHILDREN OF CHABANNES delivers a profound message of survival and compassion from a community who simply did what they felt was the right thing to do.

This Sunday, August 10th

Tisha B’AvAirplane

Film Viewing:

Raid On Entebbe

Raid On Entebbe constitutes one of two all-star made-for-TV reenactments of the Entebbe rescue of July 4, 1976. On June 27, 1976, a jet carrying an international mix of passengers is hijacked by pro-Palestinian revolutionaries. The plane lands in Entebbe, Uganda, where President-for-life Idi Amin (Yaphet Kotto) struts about feigning concern, though his sympathy toward the hijackers is obvious. Many of the passengers are released, but 103 Israelis are kept in custody, and it becomes apparent that the revolutionaries plan to use these unfortunates as a bargaining chip for the release of imprisoned terrorists throughout the world. With virtually no other option, the Israeli government gives the go-ahead for Operation Thunderbolt, a commando raid on the Entebbe airport.

Break the Fast

Pareve & Milchigs will be served

*Kindly RSVP if you plan on coming for dinner

This Monday, August 11th

Cost: $5Besi HaMikdash


Sanctify Your Sanctuary

with Mrs. Malka Touger

Post three weeks of mourning, no time could be better to reflect on the groundwork of our lives and future homes through highlighting some special features of the Bais HaMikdash structure and its unique avodah. Gain new insight into your personal sanctuary!

Malka Touger

Malka Touger is a world renowned teacher and lecturer who has inspired audiences on all seven continents. She is the author of several best-selling books, producer of educational videos and has released a series of audio tapes. Together with her husband, the well-known author and translator, Rabbi Eliyahu Touger, she helped pioneer and nurture the development of the Torah community in the Jerusalem suburb of Har Nof. A mother of seven, her insights into marriage, family, education, and woman’s issues are not theoretical abstracts, but life principles applied in her own home.

*Please arrive on time!


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