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What’s Up at NIGHTLIFE?

This Thursday, July 31st

Cost: $5 hair


The Cover Story

The significance of a Jewish woman’s hair

and the value of this prominant Mitzvah

with Mrs. Shaindy Jacobson

Shaindy Jacobson

Shaindy Jacobson has been involved in the field of education for over twenty five years. She is currently on the staff of Bais Rivkah Seminary, and she holds the position of school/community liaison and counselor for Operation Survival – a substance abuse prevention program.  She is also an accomplished musician.

Shaindy lectures around the world, addressing women and girls from all walks of life, educating them regarding their Jewish heritage and its practical application to their daily lives. She does this through various mediums including speech, song and musical accompaniment.

* Please arrive on time!

This Sunday, August 3rd

Cost: $5

The MIME Experience!!
with professional pantomime, Stella Filler
(back by popular demand)
An evening of uniquely humorous entertainment! This Jewish mime amusement offers inspiration into various concepts in Jewish life and even invites you to be part of the performance… You’ll be so amazed just how much can be said through silence!
roxanne perriBorn in Tangier, Morocco, Stella Filler spent 10 years of her early life studying and performing ballet and Spanish dance. Towards the end of her teenage years, she moved to Israel and found a talent for mime studying under Yoram Boker and performing in the Kibbutzim. To pursue the art, Stella made way to Paris where she studied with Fujio at the Theatre de Mime de Paris.

Stella came to America in 1974 and right away started teaching the art of mime. She gave lectures, workshops and directed mime performances in the Bay area at Stanford University, San Jose State University, Santa Clara University, College of Notre Dame, Stanbridge Academy in Palo Alto, and the South Peninsula Hebrew Day School.

It was not until after all this that Stella began to try incorporating Jewish themes from her religious lifestyle in her mimes. Her unique brand of Jewish entertainment evolved gradually.  Over time, Stella created a variety of mimes on many Jewish subjects, and began performing for larger groups all over the country. Now known as the world’s only “KosherMime”, her shows are humorous, sentimental, powerful, and exciting.

*Please arrive on time!

This Monday, August 4th

Cost: $5Magnifying Glass


How Well Do You Know Yourself?

Personality Analysis Workshop

with Mrs. Dena Gorkin

Like to spend time alone or hang out with friends? Like to plan ahead or go with the flow? Is it better to react to others from your head or from your heart? Learn a new self awareness, to appreciate (and accept) your own personality traits and even to tolerate the people in your life who are your total opposites! You’ll be surprised how much you still have to learn about yourself.

Dena Gorkin is the principal of Bnos Chomesh Girls’ High School, which opened in September 2007. She is a popular lecturer on topics of relationships, education and parenting. Mrs. Gorkin is known for her practical and humor-filled approach to inter-personal relationships. She lives in Crown Heights with her family.

*Please arrive on time!


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