Posted by: chnightlife | July 24, 2008

Tune In

This Thursday, July 24thMusical Note

Cost: $5


Listen & You Will

Learn My Song

The art of crossing the bridge and attuning oneself to another’s world
with Mrs. Chanale Canterman

Born in England, Chana Canterman lives in Israel with her husband and three children. Chana is a licensed parenting workshop facilitator with an MA in Jewish Education and Social work. She has lectured in the USA, Ukraine, Europe and the UK, helping parents to build healthy relationship skills with their children using a model based on Torah sources. Her professional expertise combined with her warm manner have brought her into all sectors of the Jewish community. In addition, Chana also presents workshops on relationship building between spouses. She brings with her an unusually refreshing and practical perspective.

* Please arrive on time!

This Sunday, July 27th Swimming

Cost: $5

8-10pm NIGHTLIFE Goes Swimming!!

In True Summer Spirit….
The newly renovated community
pool will be open to us gals!

Pool location:
Ohelei Torah, 667 Eastern Pkwy
Enter from ground level
Go down steps on your immediate left

10pm and on!

Back at The Lounge
Dinner, Games, Hang out with friends! 🙂

This Monday, July 28thMassage Oils

Cost: $5


Pamper Yourself!

The Holistic Spa Experience

with Mrs. Shayna Eliav, Leah Sasha

Schwartz, and Kristy Zadrozny

This evening treat yourself….

Gain insight into the background of alternative medicine and fascinating information on the topics of Massage, Bodywork, Reflexology, and Acupuncture.

Demonstrations will follow. Participants will be treated to chair massages, reflexology treatments, other massage demos, and ear acupuncture!

Shayna Eliav, LMT is the practical and creative director of Wellsprings, a center for natural healing in the heart of Crown Heights. She is also a licensed massage therapist, doula, and childbirth educator since 2003. Learn more about her and her activities at

Leah Sasha Schwartz, LAC is a licensed acupuncturist trained at the Swedish Institute. Although she formally graduated over a year ago, Leah still participates in ongoing advanced courses with her teacher, Acupuncture guru, Jeffrey Yu. Her focus is on working with the whole person, not just symptoms or disease patterns.  Healing with Leah is a joint effort, a conscious journey. Its tools are needles, moxa, reflexology, stones, essential oils, compassion, and time.  Learn more about Leah at

Kristy Zadrozny, LMT is a licensed massage therapist who trained at the Swedish Institute. Kristy blends classical swedish massage with deep tissue maneuvres to provide healing and relaxation simlutaneously. The benefits of her massage work include increased immunity, greater flexibility and range of motion, and  less pain and stress. Learn more about Kristy at

*Please arrive on time!


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