Posted by: chnightlife | July 10, 2008

What’s up at NIGHTLIFE?

In case you thought you missed out on a great evening, HERE’S YOUR SECOND CHANCE!!
This talk was rescheduled for…

This Thursday, July 10thMagnetism

Cost: $5


The Law of Attraction

with Mr. Mutty Weinberger, LMSW

(Instructor of Facial Structure Analysis workshop)

How is it possible that while dating someone can say, “I really like this person, they’re kind to me, they listen to me…. but I just can’t commit.” They say, “Something is missing!”
This same person can then date someone else who is not all that kind (and can even be borderline abusive) and he/she feels ‘THIS is the one!’
Why is it so many people say, “I will never be like my parents” and yet end up ‘re-enacting’ their parents’ household within their own lives.”
How can we avoid this?
How can one steer clear of attracting undesirable life-patterns?
Discover the power of your magnetism and its ‘Law of Attraction!’

Mutty Weinberger, LMSW is a Licensed Master Social Worker who has over 9 years experience working with all age groups.  He combines both conventional and unconventional psychological modalities in his practice yielding outstanding results.  Mutty has given over 15,000 seminars and lectures at business centers, hotels and schools.

*Please arrive punctually to avoid disturbing speaker’s address

This Sunday, July 13th

Cost: $5 Swim goggles


Exclusive to


In True Summer Spirit….
The newly renovated community
pool will be open just to us gals! Tell your friends – spread the word!!

Pool location:
Ohelei Torah, 667 Eastern Pkwy
Enter from ground level
Go down steps on your immediate left
*Single young ladies ages 18+

Are you a lifeguard and available to be on duty?

Please reply to this email with your name and contact number

10pm and on!

Back at The Lounge

Dinner, Music, Dancing, Games, Hang out with friends

This Monday, July 14thCandle

Cost: $5



Darkness Into Light

with Mrs. Sara Esther Crispe

As we approach The Three Weeks of Mourning, gain new perspective on dealing with difficulties and pain both personally and globally
Sara Esther Crispe
Sara Esther Crispe is the creator and editor of the women’s site, a project of where she is a featured writer. Additionally, she is a well-known lecturer and leading speaker of women’s issues. Known for her clear and direct approach, she is able to take current and provocative issues and make them meaningful and personal to audiences of various backgrounds. Sara Esther recently moved back to the States after living in Jerusalem for eight years where she and her husband were the directors of Torat Chesed: The Institute for Advanced Learning for Jewish Women. She has her BA from the University of California, San Diego in Literature/Writing and studied for her Master’s at Brooklyn College in Literary Theory where she was a lecturer of Composition. Sara Esther is currently working on a book celebrating gender difference according to Kabbalah. She lives with her husband and four beautiful children in Merion, PA.

*Please arrive punctually to avoid disturbing speaker’s address

NIGHTLIFE is a joint project of the CHJCC, BYIT, and Taharas HaMishpocha Int’l

NIGHTLIFE is sponsored by the CHJCC


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