Posted by: chnightlife | July 3, 2008

What’s up at NightLife?

This Thursday, July 3rd

Cost: $5 Birthday Party


It’s a Party!

For Nightlife’s

1st Year Anniversary:

Professional Kareoke & DJ ~ Flashback Nightlife slideshow ~ Hear from fellow ‘Nightlife’ers ~ Cocktails & Refreshments ~ Milchig dinner ~ Ice Cream Sundaes ~ Music, Dancing, and Lots of Fun – all in true NIGHTLIFE SPIRIT!!

Bring a friend!

This Sunday, July 5thRebbe - Gimmel Tamuz

Cost: $5


Gimmel Tammuz

How To Keep Warm

In A Cold Environment

with Rabbi Benny Zippel, Shliach to Utah

Rabbi Zippel

Everyone knows; if you want a real farbrengen you call Rabbi Benny Zippel! For over ten years, teens and young adults alike can’t get enough of his ever flowing words of warmth, humor and true inspiration!

Born in Milan, Italy and fluent in seven languages, Rabbi Zippel moved to Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife and children 16 years ago as Executive Director of Chabad Lubavitch of Utah. He was honored as the official Jewish Chaplain for the XIX Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City. Hearing of the intriguing stories of Rabbi Zippel’s dedication and commitment to doing the Rebbe’s work leaves his listeners forever empowered and motivated to do the same!

This Monday, July 7thMagnetism

Cost: $5


*Please arrive punctually to
avoid disturbing speaker’s address

The Law of Attraction

with Mr. Mutty Weinberger, LMSW

(Instructor of Facial Structure Analysis workshop)

How is it possible that while dating someone can say, “I really like this person, they’re kind to me, they listen to me…. but I just can’t commit.” They say, “Something is missing!”
This same person can then date someone else who is not all that kind (and can even be borderline abusive) and he/she feels ‘THIS is the one!’
Why is it so many people say, “I will never be like my parents” and yet end up ‘re-enacting’ their parents’ household within their own lives.”
How can we avoid this?
How can one steer clear of attracting undesirable life-patterns?
Discover the power of your magnetism and its ‘Law of Attraction!’

Mutty Weinberger, LMSW is a Licensed Master Social Worker who has over 9 years experience working with all age groups. He combines both conventional and unconventional psychological modalities in his practice yielding outstanding results. Mutty has given over 15,000 seminars and lectures at business centers, hotels and schools.

NIGHTLIFE is a joint project of the CHJCC, BYIT, and Taharas HaMishpocha Int’l

NIGHTLIFE is sponsored by the CHJCC


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