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Events June 12 – 16

Be On Time!
Message From The Nightlife Coordinators:
The Nightlife Lounge opens at the scheduled time for dinner and socializing.  All speakers and workshop facilitators will begin their presentations no later than 15 minutes there after.

Please assist us in starting all events on time by

arriving within this 15 minute time window.

Thank you!

This Thursday, June 12th Cost: $5 Happy Girl

*Please arrive punctually to
avoid disturbing speaker’s address

Heartfelt Joy

When I smile to the world, is it really possible for it to

be a reflection of true inner happiness?

with Rabbi Dov Yonah Korn, Shliach to NYU

Rabbi KornRabbi Dov Yonah Korn Co-Directs Chabad Serving NYU with his wife Sarah. Rabbi Korn has been working with the Jews of NYU and Greenwich Village for 10 years as a shliach of the Rebbe. Prior to that he studied Psychology at Yeshiva University and furthered his Torah study at the Hadar Hatorah Rabbinical Seminary and at the Rabbinical College of America in Morristown. Outside of NYU he speaks frequently for Jews of all ages throughout the Crown Heights community and abroad. Along with his strong understanding of chassidus and sincere disposition, Rabbi Korn has a way about him that brings good humor and vitality into any life situation.

This Sunday, June 15th Cost: $5 Cooking Demo


Shabbos In

Two Hours

Cooking Demo with none other than our very own Nightlife hostess;


Faige Rubashkin transformd her basement in to The Nightlife Lounge for us and now she’s taking us to her kitchen!  Famous for her gracious hospitality and warm personality, Mrs. Rubashkin will be letting us in on some of her greatest catering secrets; one of which that Shabbos meal preparation need not take you all day!  In her very own state-of-the-art kitchen, before your very eyes, she will whip up an entire feast fit for the Shabbos Queen. And, yes, in just two hours!

This Monday, June 16th Resume Cost: $5


*Please arrive punctually to
avoid disturbing speaker’s address

Real Stuff Vs.

Actual Fluff

A Practical Approach To Recognizing

What’s Ikur and Taful on the Dating Scene

with Mrs. Chaya Teldon

Mrs. Chaya Teldon hails from Detroit, Michigan. Since graduating from Bais Rivkah Teacher’s Seminary in Brooklyn, NY, she has been educating both young and old non-stop.

In 1977, Chaya and her husband, Rabbi Tuvia Teldon, co-founded Lubavitch of Long Island, which now has 26 centers and 35 Rabbis around the Island. Besides her duties as Associate Head of The Jewish Academy in East Northport and mother of six children, Chaya still finds time to lecture frequently for the UJA’s Connection Program, write, teach and counsel.

She is a sought after speaker on Long Island, and has lectured throughout the US, as well as in Israel, Ireland, Australia, Canada, England, Argentina and South Africa. The New York Times called her the “Erma Bombeck” of Jewish Speakers. Her humor and warmth, mixed with Jewish wisdom of the ages, leaves an indelible impression on all who hear her.

Our Sponsors would like to hear from YOU!!

Please take a minute to reply to this email with your NIGHTLIFE thoughts, comments and suggestions!

Thank you!

NIGHTLIFE is a joint project of the CHJCC, BYIT, and TaHaras HaMishpocha Int’l

NIGHTLIFE is sponsored by the CHJCC


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