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Events May 29 – June 2

This Thursday, May 29th Cost: $5 Self Esteem


*Please arrive punctually to avoid disturbing speaker’s address

How Can I Help You?** Building Self-Esteem In Children

with Mrs.Chary Fox, Early Childhood Consultant

** You need not be a classroom educator to benefit from this evening’s talk. This session has been designed to offer practical tools for all those anticipating successful motherhood G-d willing in the near future.

If you’ve heard even one of Chary Fox’s seminars, you know what a difference her fresh and innovative perspectives make in any child-adult interaction! Chary has been an Early Childhood Director for over 18 years now. She spent 8 years as a pre-school teacher in many noteworthy schools. In 1989, she rejuvenated a dormant pre-school program in Congregation Bnai Yeshurun in Teaneck and ran their program for 6 years. Chary established the pre-school at Lubavitch on the Palisades in Tenafly, NJ, where she built a program from the ground up to 150 students in 9 classes in 1997.
In 2001, she joined the faculty at Yavneh as the Early Childhood Director and subsequently became the Early Childhood Director at Yeshiva Ketana of Manhatten. Chary has lectured on Early Childhood Education for the UJC of Bergen County, the New York Board of Jewish Education, the New Jersey Association of Jewish Day Schools as well as for many private schools. She has written for various publications such as Early Childhood In The Jewish World and is often asked to consult and develop curriculum, mentor teachers and work with parents and directors by Jewish Day Schools around the country and Canada. She is currently writing a curriculum guide for ECD teachers and conducts lecture series for teachers around the NY/NJ metropolitan area.

This Sunday, June 1st Cost: $5 Money


Money Smart
Financial Advising Workshop

with Mr. Asher Lieblich, Financial Consultant

At Mr. Asher Lieblich’s financial advising workshop presented at Nightlife in Summer 2007, we couldn’t get enough of his brilliance and practical ‘money wisdoms’! Even if on a low salary income, you will learn how to manage your finances in ways you’ve never thought could be possible. Find out how to spend, save, invest, and be charitable while living life comfortably.

Mr. Lieblich’s proven theory is, ‘anyone can become a millionaire’! Come and discover how that also means you!

This Monday, June 2ndWedding Band Cost: $5


*Please arrive punctually to

avoid disturbing speaker’s address

Your Wedding Day

Part II of II part series

with Mrs. Sara Morozow

A Practical step by step guide with the reasons behind all the minhagim ● From the week before through the Yom Chasuna, the Kabolas Panim, Chupah, Cheder Yichud, Seuda, and Sheva Brochos ● Start your marriage on a  solid foundation, making the right Kayli for future Brochos as per the Horaos from our Rebbeim

As a kallah teacher and marriage mentor Sara Morozow is in high demand. Her vast knowledge and clear understanding of the Jewish marriage is consistent with the highest of Torah and Chassidishe ideals. Mrs. Morozow is sought after for her wisdom on some of the most sensitive issues in marital relationships and intimacy. All who attain her guidance find renewed enthusiasm and a fresh perspective into the beauty and purity of the Jewish home.


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