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Events May 15 – 19

This Thursday, May 15th Cost: $5




Seeing Stars

Astrology and The Kabbalah with Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe
We all want to know what our future holds and what our deepest potentials are: Is astrology real? Can it make a difference? What is the approach of the great Jewish mystics to using Astrology and other similar systems?

*Please arrive punctually to

avoid disturbing speaker’s address

Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe

Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe is the Rabbi of Congregation Agudas Achim of West Hartford, Connecticut, Jewish Chaplain to the Hartford Fire Department, a member of the Rabbinical Responder Team at ChabadOnline, Continuing Legal Education lecturer and member of the adult education staff at Chabad of Midtown Manhattan. He founded and directed the Institute for Jewish Literacy at Chabad of Greater Hartford from 1997 – 2000. The Institute provides a coherent body of Jewish knowledge to the entire spectrum of the Jewish community regardless of background or previous Judaic experience. Rabbi Yaffe has also created WITS – the Women’s Intensive Textual/Torah Study Program, which draws women from throughout the spectra of our community for in-depth Torah study. Having lectured and led seminars throughout North America and in Europe, a significant aspect of his work is making the sometimes complex and abstruse world of Jewish mysticism accessible and useful in daily life. Another area of activity is the application of concepts found in classic Judaic scholarship to the contemporary legal, social, and scientific issues our societies grapple with today. If you’ve got a question, he’s got the answer!



This Sunday, May 18th Cost: $5 Bridal


Bridal Tips

with Mrs. Chaya Klein


Ask anyone married and they will tell you there was so much to get done before their wedding, they didn’t know where to begin!  Your engagement need not be so overwhelming after hearing Chaya Klein’s guidelines. Chaya is known for her practical ideas and sensible advice particularly in situations most would associate with ‘too much to handle at once.’  

At this evening you will find out how to keep organized, time and cost efficient, some serious aggravation avoiders, how to give proper attention to the necessary details both mondain and spiritual, and getting EVERYTHING done before your wedding while enjoying the process!



Puzzle PiecesThis Monday, May 19th Cost: $5



*Please arrive punctually to

avoid disturbing speaker’s address

Extreme Makeover:

Soul Edition
Is Your Body & Soul A Good Fit?

with best selling author , Rabbi Dr. Laibl Wolf
This presentation is attracting excellent numbers around the country as it is spiritual, contemporary, and draws on the interface between Chassidus and psychology and wellness principles

*Bring $ to purchase books and CDs

Rabbi Laibl WolfFor the past 37 years Rabbi Dr. Laibl Wolf, LL.B  M.Ed.Psych.  D.Div., has been a spiritual mentor and a worldwide teacher of the mystical side of Judaism. Laibl is a master of, and draws his teachings from, the 4,000-year-old, esoteric and encrypted texts of Jewish spirituality which provides a guide to the mysteries of cosmic
and human consciousness and which is the source for much of the “new age” wisdom that we are familiar with today. But he does so in a ‘behavioural’ mode – making the teachings applicable to our daily life’s challenges and interpersonal exchanges.
Although based on ancient wisdoms, Laibl’s philosophies are modern and progressive, and facilitate the growth of one’s inner spirit in a technologically driven society. An Orthodox Hassidic Rabbi, his teachings are universal, open to people of all backgrounds and spiritual orientations. Laibl’s teachings focus on personal growth and emotional mastery. He uses the wisdom contained in the deeper spiritual texts to reveal the inner workings of the mind-emotion balance. While spiritually based, Laibl’s teachings are highly pragmatic. Laibl has translated the complicated Kabbalistic insights into a practical system of application to the minutiae of everyday life. He is able to help people discover the motivation behind their thoughts and emotions, which enables them to understand their behavioral patterns. To this end, Laibl has developed the original system of “Behavioral Spirituality”, which transmutes the ancient mystical teachings into a pathway of personal fulfillment. His teachings bring his audience to deeper levels of spiritual enlightenment.
Addressing groups as divergent as the American Psychological Association, the Fortune 500 convention, and Buddhist monks, he is often the keynote speaker at worldwide conferences such as the recent “Argentinean Economy and Psycho/Spiritual Solutions” in Argentina. As Laibl is attuned to the similarities between Eastern spirituality and Kabbalist teachings, he has met with many leaders of other spiritual communities including an extensive two hour private session with the Dalai Lama. Melbourne University appointed Rabbi Wolf as its founding lecturer in Jewish Mysticism and Spirituality.
Laibl has written and produced a highly regarded series of meditation and self-mastery audiovisual materials, which are sold internationally, and is the author of the best selling book, Practical Kabbalah (Three Rivers Press™ of Random House, Inc., 1999). He has lectured in over 350 cities across the globe, and is a sought after speaker, conducting retreats, seminars, master classes and training  programs continually throughout the world. Through his meditation techniques and MindYoga™ approach, Laibl’s audiences are able to master their emotions and empower their lives.
Rabbi Wolf is the Founder and Dean of the world’s first wholistic Jewish growth centre, located in Australia which has developed an exciting program of courses and retreats for Jewish people world-wide (
The son of Polish Holocaust survivors, Laibl is also a lawyer and educational psychologist, specializing in teenage rebellion. He is the Founder and Director of the Human Development Institute, a foundation dedicated to the progress of humankind through insight and personal mastery. He received his rabbinic ordination from the Chief Rabbi of Israel, and has studied under great Hassidic masters, his foremost mentor being the revered Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson who was known globally for the passionate wisdom he bestowed on humankind.  Rabbi Wolf lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife, Leah, and the youngest of their seven children.
His major personal growth and development program, LifePlan7 ( a seven week kit including 8 Cds, DVD, manual and journal, has just been released – see (



Four days left to receive the
Earlybird discount!

Back by popular demand this  three week  intensive study program in Israel is where you want to be this summer!
Fascinating classes on a vast variety of subjects including Reshimos, Maamorim, Rashi Sichos, Hashkafa and Contemporary Ethics. Spend Shabbos in Chevron, hike in the Galiliee, Farbreng, daven at Miron and Amuka, discover the beauty of the Old City of Tzfat, celebrate the Klezmer Festival, meet the unique characters of our Holy  Land, swim in the Kinnert  and so much  more. 

For more information and an application form visit or call Rivky Kaplan @ 718-874-6340
Hurry space is limited!

      NIGHTLIFE is a joint project of the CHJCC, BYIT, and TaHaras HaMishpocha Int’l 


                                           NIGHTLIFE is sponsored by the CHJCC


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