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Events May 8 – 12

This Thursday, May 8th Cost: $5
Baby's Hand


It’s Controversial
Home Birthing & Vaccinations
with Mrs. Rishe Deitsch

& midwife Sally Mendelsohn

*Please arrive punctually to

avoid disturbing speaker’s address

Any of these Q’s speak your concerns?

Isn’t it crazy and dangerous to give birth at home? Isn’t it always safer to have a doctor and an operating room nearby? What if I can’t take the pain? Why do some people refuse to vaccinate their children; do they want their children to get sick? Why, in 2007, did doctors suddenly decide to call it “influenza” instead of “flu”? What is “medical doublespeak” and who suffers when doctors engage in it?

Find out the answers to these and other debatable questions. Talk with Rishe Deitsch, Crown Heights’ childbirth activist, and Sally Mendelsohn, Rishe’s midwife and a world renowned midwifery professor.

Rishe Deitsch is the senior editor of the N’shei Chabad Newsletter for 28 years and a childbirth activist with the goal of preventing needless suffering and the aspiration to encouraging women to be their own best advocates.
Sally Mendelsohn was schooled by her father, Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, a radical pediatrician who questioned everything he learned in Medical School. He was always cautious about embracing the latest medical breakthrough, examined carefully the risks and benefits of medical treatments, and tended to trust mothers and grandmothers at least as much as the medical ‘experts’.  Sally ‘went into the ‘family business” and became a CNM. She  has practiced midwifery for over  20 years; attending mothers giving birth at home, in birth centers and even in hospitals, trying to promote the best care for both mothers and babies.

This Sunday, May 11th Cost: $5 Facial Profile


It’s Written All
Over Your Face
Facial Structure

Analysis Workshop

with Mutty Weinberger

Mutty Weinberger, LMSW is a Licensed Master Social Worker who has over 9 years experience working with all age groups.  He combines both conventional and unconventional psychological modalities in his practice yielding outstanding results.  Mutty has given over 15,000 seminars and lectures at business centers, hotels and schools.

‘Structure Function’ is an eye-opening and enjoyable tool used toward recognizing people’s inner nature by reading their facial features.  You will learn how to recognize why some people just jump into tasks and others need time to think it through.  You will also learn to recognize why certain family and friends “do things” that irk you; it’s not personal, it just their nature. This tool will bring an undertanding of why people (including you) operate the ways they do.

Busy MomThis Monday, May 12th Cost: $5


The Balancing Act

The Master Key To Harmony and Intimacy In All Your Womanly Roles; as wife and mother, on shlichus, at work, with friends

with Mrs.Simcha Azulay, Shlucha to Brazil

*Please arrive punctually to

avoid disturbing speaker’s address

To book a speaking engagement with Simcha Azulay during her visits to New York is no easy feat; this shlucha is on the top of the ‘wanted’ list. As the rebbetzin of a Shul in S.Paulo, for almost 19 years Mrs. Azulay has been active in organizing all the women’s programs in her area from the N’shei Chabad to the events for the unaffiliated. Mrs. Azulay is the desired speaker in Chabad Houses all over South America and New York. Her warm and sincere manner gets the listener in touch with the teachings of chassidus on a practical and down to earth level as she approaches each matter delicately yet with open conversation. Mother of ten, teacher and mashpia to many, she is a source of encouragement in any situation.You’ll enjoy listening to her  as she shares her experiences and knowledge from a chassidic and feminine perspective.

FYI BoxColor Analysis

Color Consulting by Chanchi!

Chanchi Lieder, professional color consultant, will be in  NY and available

from May 20  till June 3rd to do color palettes.

Call Chanchi at 347-415-1728

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NIGHTLIFE is sponsored by the CHJCC


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