Posted by: chnightlife | March 24, 2008

Please Respond

How many of you link onto the blog through

Is the ad on a good reminder of events for you?

Would you come to a program on Sunday night instead of Motzei Shabbos?

To answer double click on this post and write in the comment box.




  1. I check the blog to doublecheck times for events… though I can use my email for that too. I also check the blog for picture updates 🙂

    Since I’m already up-to-date with NL from the emails and facebook group, the ad is superfluous.

    I would come on Sunday if it was a program I was really interested in… I can see that motzi Shabbos is getting hard to do since it’s late.

  2. sunday probably suits me better

    and yes the ad on does remind me of the events

    ans thank you for all the hard work

  3. nightlife is DA BOMB!! Its good any day of the week…
    I just want to say that I really enjoy it. You do such a wonderful job, and make it really exciting each time. Keep it up 🙂
    (just keep me out of the photos! lol)

    GO ZEESHA, MIMI, ROCHEL LEAH and EVERYONE else involved!!!!!

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