Posted by: chnightlife | March 11, 2008

We Want to Hear from YOU!

As Shabbos begins to come out later we are thinking of changing our activity night to Sunday. Would that be a good night for you? Would you rather have a shorter Motzei Shabbos event?

What are your ideas for a Purim theme?

Please answer by double clicking on this post and responding in the comment box. Thank you :).



  1. as of now when shabbos still comes out at a normal time, keep it on motzei shabbos….

    keep up the great work!!!

    it’s WONDERFUL!!!

  2. Sundays are always busy for me – it would be harder for me to commit to being somewhere at a specific time. I vote for continued motzi shabbos activities. Thanks.

  3. i think sunday night, at like 8 or 9 is perfect!
    thanks for all the entertainment!

  4. sunday works better for me

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