Posted by: chnightlife | March 5, 2008

Events March 6 – 10

This Thursday, March 6th

Cost: $5

Red Flag

Dating Awareness

with Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch

(Back by popular demand)

Aquire The Skill Of:

Recognizing Signs of Abusive Behavior, Trusting Your ‘Gut Feeling’, Staying Focused On What Matters Most, Entering Into A Healthy Marriage Relationship

*Please arrive punctually to

avoid disturbing speaker’s address

Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch

Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch is a licensed therapist and relationship counselor. As Director of The Shalom Task Force, he is the designer and main lecturer of The Shalom Workshop, created to enhance quality of marriage for engaged and newly wed couples. Rabbi Schonbuch specializes in promoting effective communication skills and proactive conflict resolution.

As a trained professional in alcohol and substance abuse and as former National Educational Director of NCSY, Rabbi Schonbuch’s focus has also turned to “in-reach” and helping teens in religious communities struggling with issues of religion and identity. In his new book, ‘At Risk-Never Beyond Reach,’ he outlines for parents concrete ways to develop and nurture parent-teen relationships while laying a solid foundation of spiritual and emotional health for the future. Rabbi Schonbuch’s successes are evident in his being a highly sought-after professional in the New York area. His writings appear on the Orthodox Union Web site and numerous newspapers and magazines.

This Motzei Shabbos, March 8th

Cost: $5 Mimulo Designs


Mimulo Designs

with Fraidel and Chanie Bonie

Get Into The Purim Spirit With Mimulo’s Exotic Flower & Fruit Mishloach Manos Innovations And Seize The Chance To Dream Up Some Of Your Own

Fortune CookieThis Monday, March 10th

Cost: $5


Extra-Sensory Phenomenon

With Rabbi Asher Crispe

What Does Judaism Have To Say about Psychic Powers, Intuition, Deja Vu, Telepathy, Mind Over Matter, and Fortune Telling?

*Please arrive punctually to

avoid disturbing speaker’s address

Rabbi Asher CrispeRabbi Asher Crispe is the Director of the Institute for Jewish Thought and Culture, an independent non-profit organization celebrating Jewish accomplishment in the arts and sciences. A doctoral student at New York University in Philosophy of Religion, Rabbi Crispe is a warm and engaging speaker whose talent is taking the esoteric and often inaccessible texts and concepts of Kabbalah and Chassidic philosophy and making them palpable and understandable to the general public.  Rabbi Crispe has appeared both on television and radio programs addressing some of the more complex subjects of the world today.




Get Around on Shabbos

Wouldn’t it be nice to meet more of the community, rather than eating at the same Shabbos table again and again?  Or at least have Shabbos out of the apartment around a family table like back home?
Chaya Wolf will gladly get you and your friends in touch with gracious hosts who look forward to greeting new faces at their shabbos table!
Contact Chaya (any week by Wednesday evening) and have your plans arranged for you: or 646-404-2530 

                          NIGHTLIFE is a joint project of the CHJCC and BYIT*

                                          and is sponsored by the CHJCC


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