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Events February 28 – March 3

This Thursday, Feb.28th

Cost: $5

Love Cloud


Will The Real Shadchan Please Stand Up!

with Rabbi Simon Jacobson

Clarifying G-d’s And Man’s Role In Finding Our Soulmates

We hear that a person’s spouse is bashert, meaning preordained by the guiding hand of G-d. But if this is the case, why is it so difficult to find one’s mate? We also hear about the need to exert efforts in finding a soul mate: If a match is predetermined by Divine decree, to what extent does human effort and decision making play in the process?

*Please arrive punctually to

avoid disturbing speaker’s address

Rabbi Simon Jacobson

Rabbi Simon Jacobson is the author of Toward a Meaningful Life (William Morrow, 2002), founder of The Meaningful Life Center ( and publisher of the Yiddish-English weekly, The Algemeiner Journal ( Rabbi Jacobson served as the documenter and publisher of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s public talks from 1979 till 1992. Jacobson is one of the greatest scholars and sought after speakers in the Jewish world today. He has lectured to diverse audiences in all continents, applying Jewish thought to contemporary life, in a cutting edge voice that is rooted in the timeless teachings of Torah, while being profoundly timely and relevant.

Paint Brush

This Motzei Shabbos, March 1st

Cost: $5


Painting Workshop
Your Soul On A Canvas

with Neria Cohen


Many of us stop painting when we enter adulthood, but it is a wonderful tool to connect to the emotions and to stir the subconscious mind. Painting provides a profound experience of relaxation and creativity.
Neria CohenBrooklyn-based Neria Cohen originates from South Africa where she completed an honors degree in Drama and Film. She worked as a film editor in New York, with credits including Looking for Richard with Al Pacino. After studying in Tzfat, Israel, Neria did editing and creative event planning for the Meaningful Life Center headed by Rabbi Simon Jacobson. Neria has been studying Jewish mysticism for over 12 years in Israel and Brooklyn and is currently traveling the world with her innovative art seminars.

What you can expect at this Painting Workshop:
After reading of the making of the Mishkan in recent Torah readings, here’s the chance to let it really sink in. Discover the place in yourself where Heaven and Earth meet; your inner sanctuary.
The combination of a “virtual tour” and painting will facilitate interactive learning and enable participants to process ideas in their right brain, which is intuitive and non-judgmental.
Explore this internal landscape by painting a canvas which you take home. In this context it is a kind of Jewish art therapy.
Absolutely no painting skill or experience necessary. Bring the adventurous side of you, and be prepared for an experience like none other!

Male LionThis Monday, March 3rd

Cost: $5


The Bottom Line
Male Dominance In Judaism part II
With Rabbi Yossi Jacobson
*Please arrive punctually to

avoid disturbing speaker’s address

Rabbi YY JacobsonRabbi YY Jacobson, one of the most
sought-after Jewish speakers in the world today, has lectured to Jewish and non-Jewish audiences on six continents and in thirty states. Funny, brilliant, charming, and an exceptional orator, he has touched thousands with his deep, intuitive grasp of the human condition and his remarkable ability to bring down the ancient Jewish wisdom of the mystical texts and inspire his listeners with its relevance to their daily lives. He is the author of the acclaimed tape series, “A Tale of Two Souls” and “Captain, My Captain,” and teaches Kabbalah, Chassidic spirituality and Talmud at the Rabbinical College Chovevay Torah in Brooklyn, New York. Jacobson’s weekly internet essays on Judaism, mysticism and psychology are read by tens of thousands worldwide.

Nshei UBnos Chabad Convention



To Burlington Vermont!
March 7th – 9th
Luxurious Hotel, Exotic Dining, Boutiques,
Skiing, Inspiring Workshops,

Key Note Speaker: Rabbi Yossi Jacobson,
Kineret Concert, and More!
Special Rates For NIGHTLIFE Goers:

Only $275 for Convention + Hotel & Transportation
To Form a NIGHTLIFE group contact

Linda Sugarman at 305-653-0780 or

Deadline to register : Febuary 29th
NIGHTLIFE is a joint project of the CHJCC and BYIT*

and is sponsored by the CHJCC


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