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Events February 7 – 11

tullipThis Thursday, Feb.7th

Cost: $5


7 Things I’ve Learned
About Life While On Shlichus In South Africa

with Mrs. Rochel Goldman
*Please arrive punctually to

avoid disturbing speaker’s address
Mrs. Rochel Goldman

Rochel Goldman grew up and was educated in Cleveland, Ohio, and furthered her studies in Seminaries in New York and France to obtain her degree in teaching. As Shlucha to ‘Jo-Burg,’ South Africa for over 30 years, she has earned her stripes as a popular High School teacher while working with her husband, Rabbi Yossy Goldman, in leading the Sydenham Highlands North Shul, Johannesburg’s largest congregation. Today, Rochel is Founder and Chairperson of “Women of the World,” a young yet successful organization which inspires Jewish women, promotes Jewish education and a positive South Africa. Rochel often lectures to Jewish women’s groups and has become an inspirational role model for every young woman who has made her acquaintance.

Color SwatchesThis Motzei Shabbos, Feb.9th Cost: $5


Color Analysis with Chanchi Leider


Chanchi Leider is a color and fabric enthusiast. She studied fashion design and image consulting at FIT. After deciding to specialize in color, she attended Color Designer International, where she was a star pupil, intuitively making the “personalized seasonal color system,” as famously developed by Suzanne Caygill, her own. According to this system, everyone has a unique set of ideal colors that is based on each person’s pigmentation and personality. Just like no two people are the same, no two people have the same palette of perfect colors.
Now Chanchi has started her own career, offering personalized color
consultations and opening up the mysteries of color to others. Chanchi is unique in that she is not only a color expert but also a natural educator. Her clients receive not only a palette but also an
understanding of why these colors in particular belong to them, and
how to use them.

“You are the picture. Your clothes – color, texture, pattern – are the
frame. They are there to accentuate your natural beauty. You might
already be more beautiful than you think.”
What you can expect at this Color Analysis Workshop:
An introduction into the basics of color and style, including
contrast, texture, pattern, value, temperature, seasons, and more. These ideas form the building blocks of transformational
self-understanding and looking your best cosmetically and fashionably.

NEW Monday Schedule!!

On Monday evenings, Nightlife will offer a series

of unique topics and discussions with
Rabbi Asher Crispe or Rabbi Yossi Jacobson

The Rabbis will be speaking on an

every-other-week basis until Pesach
Note: R’ Crispe begins 7:30pm

R’ Jacobson begins 8pm


This Monday, Feb.11th

Cost: $5

7:30 – 9pm

Break Out Of The Box

Understanding Your Present

Through Your Future
With Rabbi Asher Crispe
*This lecture is a real “Jaw Dropper”

After this one, life will never be the same….
Begins promptly at 7:30pm.

Rabbi Asher Crispe

Rabbi Asher Crispe is the Director of the Institute for Jewish Thought and Culture, an independent non-profit organization celebrating Jewish accomplishment in the arts and sciences. A doctoral student at New York University in Philosophy of Religion, Rabbi Crispe is a warm and engaging speaker whose talent is taking the esoteric and often inaccessible texts and concepts of Kabbalah and Chassidic philosophy and making them palpable and understandable to the general public. Rabbi Crispe has appeared both on television and radio programs addressing some of the more complex subjects of the world today.

NIGHTLIFE is a joint project of the CHJCC and BYIT*

and is sponsored by the CHJCC


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