Posted by: chnightlife | January 9, 2008

NightLife at Heart


With the summer’s feedback in mind, resuming NightLife wasn’t a question. The program drew a crowd with its innovative programs, attractive décor, and great vibe. Uniting girls who would otherwise never have the opportunity to meet, NightLife attracted various girls by offering a warm environment and areas for them to utilize their talents. Right here in Crown Heights!

After a short break, NightLife is back in full swing. The coordinators take every interest into account. On Monday nights those fascinated by intricate details and learning from the source join the JLI class. Lectures with topics ranging from deep Chassidic concepts and holidays to shiduchim and communication, draw a large crowd on Thursday nights. Exciting and original entertainment is always available on Motzei Shabbos. Yet, this is never the end of the evening. The lounge is open as long as there are people to fill it. Many evenings climax with energetic dancing, while some wind down with puzzles and boggle.

This past Thursday evening, Rabbi Y. Jacobson spoke at the lounge. Over sixty girls filled the room before his lecture began, only to increase as the night continued. Rabbi Jacobson was interactive and entertaining; he answered questions and farbrenged up until midnight. Following the JLI course Rabbi Jacobson will be lecturing at the lounge every other Monday.

dsc_0056.jpg dsc_0081.jpg dsc_0020.jpg

Open Mic Night, on Motzei Shabbos encouraged girls to get up on stage and share any talents they may have. Poetry, songs, stories, bands…Who ever knew you had it in you? There was a full house! The evening commenced with a concert by Esther Chana, her original, chassidically inspired songs moved the crowd. NightLife opens doors for girls to explore and express their talents.

dsc_0276.jpg dsc_0174.jpg dsc_0242.jpg

What is the true force behind the program? Why do the girls continue to frequent the lounge? (Included are some comments and quotes from our girls.)

“NightLife is so comfortable. Nice set up, great atmosphere and good energy – can’t wait to come again!”

“This is very necessary. Thanks.”

“The best place to hang around and have a blast!”

“Dancing with NightLife people is lots of fun!”

“Every community needs something like this.”

“It is so nice to find a place so warm here in Crown Heights.”

“I love it that we have somewhere fun to just be ourselves!”

“Love it! I was in from out of town and came to two events.”









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