Posted by: chnightlife | January 9, 2008

Events January 10 – 14

This Thursday, Jan.10

Cost: $5


A Pastor’s Journey

To Judaism

with Rabbi Yaakov Parisi

An intriguing story of an Evangelical Christian Pastor and his wife, Sarah, who in exploring the roots of their faith and their search for the truth, arrive at the doorsteps of Judaism.

Starting as a co-Pastor in 1987, Yaakov and his wife, began this life-altering journey. They attempted to understand doctrinal discrepancies which left them with many unanswered questions and no one to turn to. In 1992, Yaakov became pastor of his own church ‘smack dab in the middle’ of the ‘Bible Belt’. While searching for answers in the “Old Testament” their congregation actually began keeping Shabbos, the church’s main symbol was removed, and eventually the church was closed…and the Parisi’s converted to Judaism.
Their awesome and inspiring account is complete with many challenging moments and funny memories.
Yaakov and Sara Parisi are now Chabad and reside in Israel.

*Please arrive punctually

to avoid disturbing speaker’s address

Dried Rose

This Motzei Shabbos, Jan.12

Cost: $5

Flower Drying Decor

and Lounge Night

Find out from Mrs. Kraindel Trappler, the maven in all flower related art, how creative you can get with your next flower bouquet and take home your own flower creation.

Suggested: Come in attire you don’t mind getting messy
Optional: Bring your own fresh flowers and memorabelia

Now on Mondays: Eight-Week JLI Course
nightlife - mountain pic“The Ten Commandments”
with course-writer
Mrs. Shimona Tzukernik, director of OMEK
Wisdom From Sinai

Challenge your assumptions about the good of society as you investigate the key issues that confront us as individuals, Jews, and members of the global community.
Course Details

Monday evenings: Nov.19, 26, Dec.3, 17, 31, Jan.7, 14, 21

Light Dinner: 7:30pm

Class Time: 8:00 – 9:45pm
Course cost: $80 (half course $40) Per class basis: $15

challahFYI BOX

Get Around on Shabbos

Wouldn’t it be nice to meet more of the community, rather than eating at the same Shabbos table again and again? Or at least have Shabbos out of the apartment around a family table like back home?

Chaya Wolf will gladly get you and your friends in touch with gracious hosts who look forward to greeting new faces at their shabbos table!
Contact Chaya (any week by Wednesday evening) and have your plans arranged for you: or 646-404-2530


  1. Wow the pastor speaker looks really cool. I’m definitely looking forward to it!

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