Posted by: chnightlife | December 24, 2007

Chanukah in a Trance

We opened the night with our host, Moishie Rubashkin, kindling the Menorah lights. This was followed by haneiros halalu and musical accompaniment which encouraged spontaneous dancing. These festivities set us in motion for a thrilling night.


chanukah4.jpg    chanukah6.jpg    chanukah5.jpg   


Coming down to the lounge, we were struck with warmth, elegance, and fun decorations all enhancing the ambiance. Waiting for the show to begin, we were treated to a delicacy laden table for dinner, and great company to chill with. John Cerbone’s hypnotist show was mind blowing and left us in stitches. Were they really out of it or just faking it? Just wait till they see the red pen.


chanukah1.jpg    chanukah21.jpg    chanukah8.jpg

As we dimmed the lights the event built up to a climax with Hidden Heroines. This musical moved its audience to tears through the women’s Chanukah story. Breathtaking song, dance, and drama performed by our own girls. Yup, we knew this talent existed!   
















  1. Yaaay! So happy to see the blog is back 🙂

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