Posted by: chnightlife | July 23, 2007

NIGHTLIFE: July 22-26….

Sunday, July 22: Makeup Application (3rd class of 4 part series) This week Yehudis taught complete guidelines for one to look her best at any special occasion. Get to know your cosmetic color palette and learn tips you won’t learn anywhere else from Yehudis Lent, a personal makeup consultant.
8-10 pm 

Monday, July 23: Eicha By Candlelight 8:45 pm… Followed by Video Viewing: Paper Clips: It Began as a Lesson About Prejudice… What Happened Next Was a Miracle 9:30 pm

 Tuesday, July 24, Tisha B’Av: Video Viewing: The Final War; Gog U’Magog 8:15 pm… Followed by Break the Fast Dinner 9:00 pm

Wednesday, July 25: Voice Training By Kineret: Experience true talent! Exclusive voice lessons with one of today’s most popular Jewish female vocalists, Kineret!  
8-9:30 pm

Thursday, July 26: Lecture Series: Rabbi Shea Hecht: A Day in the Life of a Cult Buster. Rabbi Hecht is Chairman of the NCFJE.  He is a community activist, teacher and counselor to many.  He is author of the book ‘Confessions of a Cult Buster’…
Followed by Wine Tasting! Enjoy an evening of wine tasting and commentary by an expert wine connoisseur who will demonstrate how to effectively harmonize wine with food.  Acquire an appreciation for the delicate bouquet of fine wine. “Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more delightful.” Hors d’oeuvres will be served. Wine will be offered to participants over age 218-10pm
 Lectures and classes $5
Voice lessons by Kineret $10
Compliments of Nightlife: 4 nights of satisfaction = 5th on-the-house Ask for a ‘5th night on-the-house’ card at registration table  All programs are located at The Nightlife Lounge: 1349 President St, Rubashkin Residence (Kingston & Bklyn) 


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